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I am so excited about the 100 day challenge. I hope to have a positive impact on someone through sharing my journey! I am writing this particular blog to help those who have questions on how to get started. I wanted to give you some links and resources to get you started. I did so much hunting when I started I wanted to save you some of that trouble. If you watch my first vid on youtube about the 100 day challenge, I think I called it an intro. I give a lot of advice and recommendations as I continue to do with my other 100 day vlogs. Below are authors and teachers who I feel will give you a well rounded start to your journey.

co-creating our reality
First you need to go and sign up. Click here to sign up.

you will get a newsletter giving you a quick run down of what to do. I give you that in my first 100 day vid too.

Then I would suggest watching one of the founders, lilou’s play lists’ at youtube called “HOW TO APPLY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION”. That helped me a lot. It’s on her channels front page.

the secret
Then go to the library and get ‘the secret’! it gives an excellent outline so that when you get into other things, listen, learn, read, other stuff related to that you will be able to make sense of where it all goes. Trust me. 🙂

my blog
You can check out my previous post where I have a list of books I’ve read, that I think will be useful, and that other’s on the challenge have read.

hayhouseradio.com & youtube
I also recommend going to hayhouseradio.com. there you can listen to many who deal with this stuff. It is free to listen to their live broadcast! Their archives are free too, all you have to do is sign up. it’s short and easy to do. They keep adding new hosts, it really is amazing, you must check it out!

Jerry and Esther Hicks teach the law of attraction almost exclusively. You can find them at hayhouseradeo.com and on youtube where they have there own channel and a series of vids about the law of attraction. btw, Esther Hicks was was in the original ‘the secret’ movie but was later cut out. They explain it on her youtube channel. Go here, here, and here for some outtakes from the movie. Click here to go to the first in five of their vids on the law of attraction. Click here to go to their internet radio show.

Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. is one of my favorite teachers. She focuses mainly on intuition but what she teaches is essential to manifestation, to this challenge. She also teaches you how to raise your vibration which you learn from the secret is important to enable you to attract the good things you want and not the bad. She has been interviewed by Lilou, a founder of the 100 day challenge. Lilou has that interview in a series of vids on her channel. I really suggest you watch them. Then you may want to follow up by listening to her on hayhouseradio.com and listen to her archives! Priceless! I hope that you all find her and be blessed by her teachings. Click here for her internet radio show. Click here for her the first of several youtube vids.

I have found Debbie Ford on hayhouseradio.com who gives a balance to this whole thing. She teaches you to face and embrace all the ugly, negative, and scary stuff. You have to embrace before you can let go or else those repressed fears and feelings will pop up some where out of the blue leaving you puzzled and unhappy. You can’t positive think your way out of everything. You have to embrace those shadow parts of you, your demons, your fears and strong feelings. Then, then you can let it go for good! That is what she teaches basically. I’ve just gotten one of her books from the library. I’ll keep you posted on that. Click here to go to her internet radio show.

I would also recommend looking at Michael Losier. He has a book out, ‘law of attraction’. I haven’t read it yet but what I do suggest is that you listen to what he has to say on youtube! Wow, it will help put things together and give you a little more depth to what the secret teaches. He keeps it simple and doable. Great place to start. Go here to see his channel to watch all his vids!

You also have to listen to Lynne McTaggart, there are some vids on youtube about her book, ‘The Intention Experiment’. It will give you an even deeper look into intent and the law of attraction. She will blow your mind! Go here to listen to 1 of 11 vids. You will want to listen to everyone, it is so interesting! i've listened to them twice thus far!

I think that is all you will need to get off to a good start. You can quickly watch videos and listen to radio shows and archives that will get you up to speed and give you a full picture. I do recommend reading ‘the secret’ when you can. Once I did it pulled it altogether in a cohesive picture, I saw the big picture, or at least a much larger one than I did before. Then when you look into these other teachers you will see and benefit from what each contributes to this journey into co-creating our own realities.

Good luck and have fun!

ps: you can go through my favs on my channel to find all most of these vids and more. Like other individuals who are on this journey as well as the three founders youtube channels!

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