I guess that hate vid knocked the wind out of me. I’m afraid I’ll get more knives in the back though I don’t think anyone else would do what she did but then again I would have never dream she would do what she did. Did you follow that? Lol . . .

It’s here, summer! I’ve been busy making sure the air got fixed, the swim pass paid and the house prepared for the heat. Now I’m saving up all the more for school clothes. Already, yep. Next month he goes back to school towards the end of August. So I will be buying clothes, shoes, a back pack and I don’t know what else. Everything he need and I can think of. That means I’ll be spending a couple of hundred dollars if I can save that much up. I think I will do ok.

So our days are spent in the pool and library trying to keep cool. I dare not put the thermostat above 78 lest I get a huge bill. Then I wouldn’t be able to buy him what he needs. I hold my breath each month worried what it will be. But I’ve been doing really good for a while, keeping my bill down with my wonderful programmable thermostat. It was only $20 and well worth it. I’ve had it for 2-3 years now. It made a huge difference in my bill right away reducing my bill by a $100 or more.

I know this has to be so very interesting! Lol . . . But do buy one if you can it helps along with black out drapes!

I have gone into debt so I could have a new pc. My old one was becoming impossible to use with the net so I’ve given it to my son. He can do school work on it and hopefully play some games.

I’m trying to stay cool.

How about you?


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