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went to sleep early (for me) and still didn't want to wake up but once up I couldn't go back to sleep. I really tried after coming home, piddling on the computer, making pointless phone calls to friends or what not. I covered up with the warmest blanket on the couch with teddy sleeping in the chair next to me and all I could do was day dream dreams that never became sleep dreams to my disappointment. I thought, felt like I had to go to sleep but apparently I was wrong. so I finally got up frustrated and decided to watch "confessions of a shopaholic" which I really wanted to do to begin with.
the movie made me laugh so hard it was embarrassing even alone. it was beyond lol or lmao! the movie was so fun, funny, ridiculous, nerve racking, and FUNNY! it stressed me so I stripped from overheating worried about this character I somehow fell in love with and the idea of her. the ending was satisfying.

with all that I thought I should read her book finally. the movie made me laugh so hard that I hope the book does the same. with all I've been through the last 4-30+ years I need to laugh, I really NEED to laugh a lot.

I have seen the author on one of my youtube author channels and have heard of the book as have we all. I don't really like chic lit or any light fluffy stuff, I HATE romances for instance and chic lit makes me think of those. but what I find on good reads is that for some it is enjoyable. I think what some people have a problem with is that it's not 'literary'. well they should have realized that from the cover alone! even one who did not like it thinking it trite admitted it was well written. being well written is more important to me than anything. I don't care how literary, how serious or profound a book is if it is not well written, if it doesn't flow and the prose is shit then I don't want to read it. it's like eating glass with some books and poo with others. the whole point of a books is first the sentence. a well written sentence that says much with little well chosen words in a well chosen order. then you build on that with one sentence after another weaving in a great story along with it.

books are bound delicious decadent deserts waiting to be relished. the words are what make a book sweet, the prose. if you don't have that then you have nothing.

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